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Breaches Are Less Likely If You Use KnowBe4

The most common way for cybersecurity breaches to happen at your business is through non-malicious human error. Best protect yourself by educating your team.

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Why Do You Need KnowBe4?

Working in this ever-more connected world means we can instantly communicate with customers, colleagues and partners. But this presents a golden opportunity for attackers to find easy ways into our networks.

Being so used to digital communication and accessing information so fast, employees are innocently leaving their companies vulnerable to attack.

You’d Benefit From KnowBe4 If:

  • You want users to undergo proven digital security training
  • You want your system to undergo simulated phishing attacks
  • You want your regularly updated database to sync with your training platform

But KnowBe4 as a Managed Service Is Better If:

  • You want to be sure KnowBe4 learnings are lasting and acted upon
  • You want experts advising you on who needs further training in your team
  • More relevant phishing simulations and more time back because the training is managed for you

How Does PSTG Make KnowBe4 Work For You?

You can purchase KnowBe4 and hope for the best.

Or you can work with a partner who makes sure it's a success.

KnowBe4 as a Managed Service (KaaMS) ensures all appropriate aspects of the KnowBe4 service are correctly utilised.

This ensures you get the full return on your investment and stay as safe as possible.

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See Exactly What's Included With KnowBe4 as a Managed Service

The key to enjoying success with a subtle and complex platform such as KnowBe4 is to get it right from the very beginning. To achieve this, it's hard to beat the use of experienced professionals — this is exactly what KaaMS provides.

Key features of this service include:

  • Access to KnowBe4 training
  • Access to KnowBe4 phishing simulations
  • Active Directory Sync
  • Professional guidance & advice
  • Relevant phishing simulations
  • Custom spear-phishing campaigns
  • Appropriate training per department


  • Training fully managed and reported on
  • Phishing fully managed and reported on
  • Vishing fully managed and reported on
  • USB drive tests fully managed and reported on
  • Immediate training provided to staff who fail phishing emails
  • Monthly reporting


Why Choose PSTG to Support With KnowBe4?

PSTG is a leading IT security partner for SMEs in the UK. We're known for our passion for sharing our knowledge to best help our customers.

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