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IT Solutions for NHS Trusts

Whatever the IT challenge your NHS Trust faces, see how PSTG can help transform it into an opportunity to improve

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Whatever the IT challenge your NHS Trust faces, see how PSTG can help transform it into an opportunity to improve

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From IT Advice and Ideas to Installation and Beyond

NHS Trusts have particular guardrails and circumstances that aren’t replicated elsewhere. Not even in other areas of the public sector.

Your size means any sort of transformation project needs thorough planning. Especially ones which reach all the areas that are touched by IT. A strategic partner works closely with you from the early-procurement stage and is available all the way through the process.

When choosing an IT service provider, look for one who has the experience delivering services in clinical environments with the expert knowledge to take your project from idea through to completion. Browse how we can help using the info on this page.


Consultation & Advice

We understand driving change and implementing strategy is a difficult task, that's why our team is here to help.

Our consultants have worked with NHS Trusts and devised strategic plans that ensure the complex procurement process runs smoothly. This is done by working with you to complete the full business use case, providing advice and support in a true partnership approach.

Reduce your risk and maximise value from your IT project by choosing PSTG for strategy and support through the procurement process. Related services include:

  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Infrastructure Strategy and Refresh
  • Business Case Development (OBC & FBC)
  • Requirements Definition
  • Assurance review
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Communication Strategy
  • Vision Alignment
  • Procurement Support
  • Cloud Planning
  • Risk Management

Transformation & Delivery

Digital transformation projects take expert knowledge to deliver well. Make sure your delivery team is involved from pre-procurement onwards.

With experience working with NHS Trusts on various projects, the PSTG team know how to deliver NHS Digital N365 migrations as well as Trust owned Microsoft 365 tenancies and other digital dictation or transformation projects.

A robust approach and deep engagement with key stakeholders is the perfect combination for an effective digital transformation project. Areas we can help include:

  • Application Management
  • Go Live Support
  • Procurement
  • Project Management
  • Clinical and Business Change
  • Data Management
  • Interoperability and Integration
  • Testing
  • Training

Change & Transformation

Change consultation is perfect for NHS Trusts who understand how important it is for all people to be invested in the project.

No longer a project management problem to deal with, change and transformation management are a Trust-wide issue. But who owns it? It’s too big to be just a HR, projects or IT issue, respectively. That’s why expert help is beneficial.

Successful change and transformation projects take time and should begin as early as the strategy stage. This means working with a partner in the following areas:

  • Stakeholder Engagement 
  • Relationship Management
  • Communications
  • Mapping & Design
  • Outcome and Benefits Management
  • Training and Support

IT Governance & Security

Ensuring safe and secure IT governance and infrastructure is not a small task. Again, proper strategic support is required.

How comfortable are you with your NHS Trust IT governance and security? Not just the systems in place, but the competency of people using them? Auditing current systems and processes is the best place to start. Before moving on to planning and installing new ways of working.

PSTG works with Trusts to audit and improve all of the following:

  • DSP Toolkit working effectively for the Trust
  • Privileged Access Management auditing and optimising
  • Enhance and automate staff Starter Mover Leaver procedures for users
  • IG department support to help with supplier compliance
  • Surveying, restructuring and updating the Active Directory
  • Full security audits, both remote and physical

Managed Services

IT managed services for NHS Trusts can be the hidden way to achieve operational and financial improvements.

PSTG works with Trusts to highlight areas to improve IT operations and find cost efficiencies. IT management is about more than helpdesk services. With continuous improvement, efficiencies can be found to support decisions that save time and money across all areas of the IT ecosystem.

You can get expert help with:

  • Headcount reduction to increase efficiency and lower costs
  • Support with PACS clinical systems
  • Server infrastructure support
  • Full network support
  • ITIL Managed Service Desk
  • Modern Data Management services
  • Asset and asset lifecycle management

Robotic Process Automation

Coming soon - watch this space!


Speak to Us Today to Start Improving IT in Your NHS Trust

By working with various NHS Trusts, we’ve learned to understand that the patient comes first. With a focus on providing immediate top-quality care and a better patient journey, there’s not much time for healthcare professionals to find the tech that enables them to work better. We’re here to help reclaim that time and to achieve this it’s important to start by understanding your vision, goals and objectives.


Start by Chatting to an Expert

Our consultants will listen so they can understand your Trust’s challenges and objectives. They’ll ask questions to better understand your situation and can start moving the conversation towards solutions.



Then Strategise a Plan

After this period of fact-finding on your vision and diagnosing any obstacles in the way, we can start strategising a plan. This will be tailored to your own situation now and where your Trust needs to be in the future.



Deliver the Strategy

By working alongside your team on the ground, the strategic plan we’ve created with you will enter the delivery stage. This will be handled with care and professionalism so that your Trust can continue to move forward.


Achieve Your IT Goals - Speak To Us Now

Once you start chatting to us, you’ll see that we’re not the type of company to push partner products or baffle you with IT jargon. We’re just a bunch of people who enjoy helping NHS Trusts improve their IT.

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