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In this competitive landscape where technology is rapidly evolving, it’s important for SMEs to stay ahead of the curve. At PSTG, we work in partnership with our customers so that we can design and deliver innovative solutions and services - all tailored to help each SME achieve its unique goals more effectively without compromising the business.

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PSTG Remote Helpdesk

We're always improving and updating our service offerings to better support our clients. With a big shift to businesses working from home, there's been huge increase in the need for remote IT support.

Here at PSTG, we've been providing remote support for our clients long before the recent epidemic which has forced several businesses hands. Thanks to our support, our clients have been able to adapt quickly to the changing landscape, with very little or even no downtime at all.


Our IT solutions are built with your SME business in mind. You need to make sure the value of your systems is greater than the sum of their parts and for that, you need an expert partner. That’s where we come in. We can take stock of your needs and then reassemble the right mix of products and services for you. Our areas of expertise include:


We’re experts in iRPA and we have a proven track record of executing the complete automation lifecycle for SMEs.

Cloud Solutions

No infrastructure, no upfront costs, no upgrade issues. We offer public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructures, making it easier than ever to reach the cloud by taking care of your cloud needs.


We help SMEs understand risks and combat emerging threats. Whatever your cybersecurity needs, our expert team have built a range of services to protect your business.


For SMEs to succeed, being able to source the right equipment at the right time is a vital ingredient. We take care of the full IT lifecycle requirements and offer flexibility and responsiveness you can’t get anywhere else. Here’s how the team at PSTG can help:

IT Procurement

You’ll receive simple and cost-effective procurement as our services are tailored to meet the quality and efficiencies that SMEs desire. 

Deployment and Disposal Services

We only use qualified suppliers so that your data stays completely secure, allowing you to free up internal resources with expert support on hand to deal with complex issues.

International Logistics

We aim to simplify your entire process by taking care of each challenge by being flexible and responsive to your needs.


A faceless team that tries to take over each process doesn’t benefit anybody. Relying on a technology partner for your IT services requires a natural extension to your own team. Here are our service offerings which allow SMEs to handle projects of any size.

Industry-Leading Managed Services

Keep your services running flawlessly and keep your team as productive as possible. Benefit from expert engineers and take advantage of our 24/7 threat detection and remediation to combat issues before they become problems.

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Reduce Costs With Hosted Services

Remove the costs of maintaining your IT infrastructure by turning to PSTG. We only use the most trusted suppliers in the industry to make sure you receive the best and most secure service possible.

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Professional IT Services

With project and programme management, expert technical consulting and on-site deployment and engineering, we can reduce the risk of interruption to your critical systems and processes.

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Unrivalled Technical Support

We provide a solution that helps your business operate more efficiently and gain competitive advantage, allowing you to reduce maintenance costs and maximise uptime.

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