Increase Productivity With iRPA

In these fast-paced, ever-changing times, businesses of all sizes are faced with an endless parade of new technologies, procedures and innovations. As organisations undergo digital transformation, the need for intelligent Robotic Process Automation (iRPA) technology is clear as it can save both time and money. With PSTG’s team of dedicated iRPA experts, your organisation can unlock the transformative potential of intelligent automation.


By automating mundane, repetitive and time-consuming tasks, your team have the time to focus on high-value business projects.

Enjoy the Benefits of Intelligent Automation With PSTG


Eliminate Inefficient Processes

The versatility of iRPA is only starting to be recognised, but we have a proven track record of delivering effective iRPA solutions to organisations. Outdated processes might still be the norm, but they don’t need to be - even if analysing and reworking existing processes is a tedious task.


Unique to Your Business Needs

Our iRPA experts work with your business to closely identify and map out your processes. By analysing your processes and infrastructure, we can choose the best iRPA platform for your unique needs. This allows us to effectively execute the complete automation lifecycle to make genuine improvements within your business.

Cope With Evolving Changes

The iRPA solution we implement will separate tasks between your human and digital workers leveraging the power of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, so you can remain agile and cope with evolving changes. We also configure and test digital assistants to make sure they’re running without any faults. You’ll receive extensive ongoing support and automation optimisation to make sure you always get the most out of iRPA and use it to its full potential.

How PSTG’s iRPA Solutions Will Benefit Your Business

Increase Business Productivity

Employees will spend more time on productive and rewarding tasks, leading to greater job satisfaction. Industry-leading orchestration and innovative Machine Learning algorithms have made this a reality, especially with 24/7 digital working hours.

Enjoy Greater Flexibility

Finally move away from fixed software costs with complex usage restrictions. Our iRPA solutions allow you to easily add or remove new users and scale your digital workforce to meet your current situation.

iRPA Made Simple

We make sure that the iRPA solution we provide is easy to deploy with no complex infrastructure. That means you don’t need deep technical expertise to operate, support or manage this solution. Simple to use with easy-to-understand pricing.

It’s More Than Just iRPA

Your business can benefit from unlimited users and unlimited use of web forms, OCR, chatbots, NLP and other AI services on a subscription basis. This addresses more cross-functional work processes than you can with iRPA alone.

Secure Delivery

The PSTG iRPA solutions are secure. It’s available from the cloud with ISO27001 certified security, so you’re always in safe hands.


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iRPA is designed to alleviate your staff members from their repetitive burden so they can use their skills for other business tasks. It also increases productivity, accelerates improvements and helps you achieve a rapid return on investment. If you’d like to learn more about how iRPA can transform your business, then speak to one of our experts today.

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How We’ve Deployed iRPA For Businesses Like Yours

We’ve helped many businesses become more productive by giving them access to a pool of digital workers that perform repetitive, time-intensive tasks which slow people down. To see how we’ve helped organisations like yours adopt iRPA, take a look at our case studies below.

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