Executive Summary

A reinsurance company and global benefits provider which spans over 120 markets and employs over 150 staff members worldwide.

Their range of pooling, reinsurance and employee benefits services help multinational employers to take care of their people and achieve strategic goals.

The Challenge

As the business grew, so did the demand placed on the company’s lean in-house support team. The company had previously outsourced its support desk but returned to an in-house service due to slow response times.

The high demand on the in-house support team remained, meaning the business had to once again search the market for an outsourced support desk.

They went to market seeking a service desk that acted as an extension of the business and quickly served its 150 employees across the globe, selecting PSTG as their company of choice. They constructed selection criteria to assist with their search for a support desk and decided that PSTG were the best fit for the business.


The Solution

After briefing PSTG on their challenges while working with their previous outsource, the company adopted PSTG’s support desk service on a one-month trial.

Following a successful trial and overwhelmingly positive feedback from staff, PSTG was taken on full-time, operating a service desk that worked seamlessly with the broader company to provide around-the-clock expert IT support.

"We used to work with a third-party outsourced help desk, but response times weren’t great. Speaking today, it would be very bad for us if we could no longer have PSTG’s service desk. It’s ingrained into our processes, so missing that would leave a big gap. They’re an extension of our team."

IT Manager

What Was Asked of PSTG?

To operate a help desk that could offer around-the-clock IT support to employees worldwide. 

“We go to PSTG for many things. When it comes to projects, they can create and manage that workload for us. With the service desk, we could have a laptop stop working for an employee in France, which is raised directly with the PSTG support team. The issue is either resolved or it’s escalated to us that the laptop needs replacing. It streamlines everything across the entire business.” — IT Manager 

For the project to succeed, the support desk needed the flexibility to deal with a range of technical issues across different time zones.

"We’re a global company, so when we ran the support in-house, the service desk stopped working when we did. There were several instances, for example, when our U.S. team had to wait several hours for communication on the problems they were facing. That’s not the case with PSTG."

IT Director

Why the Solution Was Successful

PSTG were briefed on the challenges the business faced with the previous outsourcing and began to create a tailored solution that met these requirements.

“Ultimately, the success of the trial was based on user feedback. Everyone collectively had a say in whether PSTG should be kept on beyond the one-month trial — the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Many of those involved in senior management gave positive feedback, so taking on PSTG’s services was a no-brainer for the board.” — IT Director

By offering rapid response times and expert support to several departments worldwide, PSTG has streamlined the company’s support process, freeing up valuable time for the in-house IT team to invest elsewhere.

“From the user feedback we’ve had, we know that people find their responses helpful and timely. PSTG work hard to solve challenges for the business, and we often lean on their experience and knowledge. I can talk to anyone at PSTG — communication is great across the board.” — IT Manager

PSTG now offers its services to the company as a reseller, for project planning and as a support desk. 

Key Gains

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Around-the-clock service desk, which supports 150 employees worldwide with a range of IT and tech issues.

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A healthy working relationship spanning several areas, including service desk, projects and reselling.

Opening up time for the in-house IT team to focus on larger projects and improving business processes.


Huge savings, as the business can tap into an entire team of engineers for the money it would cost to expand in-house.

The Result

An ever-improving service desk that expands its knowledge over time and has quickly addressed the previous issues of slow response times and an overworked in-house team. PSTG currently works at a 95% excellence rating for all customer tickets logged by the company.

The business had previously worked with PSTG as a reseller for licensing and project planning. It now uses PSTG for these two processes alongside the support desk.

“I deal with the team over at PSTG and it’s been a really good experience. It’s freed me up as they’ve taken on a lot of work, and it’s not often I have to jump on and help them understand something. 

“They learned our processes quickly in the first couple of months, and since then, it’s been a hands-off, collaborative relationship. Compared to when we offered support in-house, response times and case resolution are a markered improvement.

“Coming from someone who was sceptical at first due to past experiences with outsourced support desks, I now feel that PSTG can adapt to most businesses. There’s no harm in trying a free trial yourself — they prove a lot of their worth in that trial.” — IT Manager

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